View Full Version : Windows Media Player 10 Videosize Problem

10-13-04, 04:01 AM
Windows Media Player 10 Videosize Problem with a MSI 6800GT
and FW v66.81
i have installed die WMP10 and if i playback smaller sized Video like a SVCD
MPEG1 Material the Video isnt properly Scaled to fullscreensize AVI WMVHD DIVX is okay only MPEG1 doesnt scales properly.

in PowerDVD MPEG1-2 and are shown okay but WMP10 there must be a Bug WMP10 or in the Forceware GF6Videoprocessor Driver i dont know .

The Video Scaling function in WMP10 ist on so ive tested serveraly Options with and without Overlay and VMR9 the Same Results.

10-13-04, 04:34 AM
WMP10 will show up in add-remove programs - you can bin it that way.