View Full Version : BIOS Flash error message

10-13-04, 10:40 AM
Hi there, can anyone help me with finding the right bios for my card plz?

I got a Gainward GeForce 6800Ultra 256MB GDDR3 AGP, "Ultra/2600 GS" 430Plus mhz. I downloaded a file which seemed to be the correct bios, but i got this error message:

Firmware Image ID (10B0.0807) does not match adapter PCI subsystem ID (10B0.0800)

When getting this message, i ofc didnt dare flashing it.

I also cant find where to disable Fastwrite in my BIOS. Got an ASUS P4P800 motherboard. Any ideas where to find it?

Thanks for all help.

10-13-04, 10:42 AM
Why are you trying the BIOS flash? It's only necessary if you're having specific video problems.

10-13-04, 10:53 AM
i do got problems in games like Sof2/rome total war etc, where it will suddenly hang, often in sof2 it is when it's suddenly lots of smoke.
Then i have to turn off my computer.

I've tried different drivers, but none seems to fix it. Im currently using 66.72.
It cant be bad upgrading bios anyway, i mean, it's a new bios for a reason :)