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10-13-04, 01:32 PM
Ok, so stock my GT wouldn't hit Ultra speeds, and someone suggested it may be getting under volted, actually a few, and there suggestion was to go in my BIOS and up the AGP Voltage from 1.5 to 1.6.

Which in turn made a tremendous difference.

Stock my GT would hit 390/1050 and give out

When I upped the AGP voltage to 1.6 and my GT topped out at 415/1095.

Now my question is, is upping the AGP Voltage a bad idea? I've been getting mixed replies on other forums and from friends saying that it is perfectly fine, or it is a bad idea and I am risking frying my mobo or my video card?

My idle temps are still under 50c and load temps are safe too. I have an Arctic Rev 5 mounted on it with AS5 as well.

This is my rig...

AMD64bit 3000+ @ 2ghz | DFI LAN PARTY UT nF3 250Gb
1gig OCZ 3200 ram 2-3-2-10 | 80gig Wes Dig 8mb cache
GeForce 6800 GT @ 415/1095 | SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
Logitech 2.1 Z-2200's | Viewsonic 19" A90f+ UltraBrite CRT
Antec TrueBlue 430w PSU

Pandora's Box
10-13-04, 02:19 PM
from 1.5 to 1.6 is fine. i cant see it harming the card. any more voltage then it probably would.

10-13-04, 02:34 PM
Just for kicks. Does someone here want to post what they get with AGP voltage at 1.5 and then up it to 1.6 and see if there is an increase like mine?

That would be awesome if a few people would post results.. I wonder if this could help anyone else out there like it did for me.

AGP Voltage 1.5:
BFG 6800 GT 390/1050 - Stable

AGP Voltage 1.6:
BFG 6800 GT 415/1095 - Stable

Thanks for the reply Pandora :)

Pandora's Box
10-13-04, 02:36 PM
and just to make you more confident it will be fine: bfg tech will recommend you bump it to 1.6 volts if you call their tech support.

10-13-04, 02:46 PM
Really? That's quite interesting and also good to know...