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10-14-04, 03:09 AM
Hi all,

I've been keeping an eye on my Leadtek A400GT's temps foir a while now. Seems to idle at 61 with an "ambient" temp of 49... thing is, my mobo's idle temp is actually only 28, with my CPU idling at a sweet 27 (I have a 12cm side case fan blowing fresh air right over the CPU fan).

What gives? Are the temp sensors on my GPU out of whack or is there something wrong with my fan? Also, since load temps on the GPU climb up to 90, is this going to kill my card any time soon?

Thanks for any advice.

10-14-04, 03:22 AM
Those Temps are not uncommon for a GT, although they are on the hot side. It should be able to take 90c but thats where i would start to look for some better cooling. THose leadteks are supposed to have a good cooler, maybe yours isn't seated properly or some screws are a little loose. You can even take the cooler off and apply some as5 if your feeling frisky.

10-14-04, 03:26 AM
Wow, that was quick!

Thanks, I feel a bit better now. I'll go and check the card tonight when I get home. Are you aware of any guides on replacing/reseating the heatsink, thermal compounds etc? I have no problems with CPUs, but I've never taken apart a videocard before :)

I love this forum (mag)

10-14-04, 03:27 AM
My PNY 6800 Ultra use to idle at 64c so you are actually doing better than I was. I then downloaded Expertool and adjusted my fan speeds. That dropped it to around 61c. I then took off the stock cooler and applied AS5 and it dropped to around 59c. After that, I won an eVGA Copper Heatsink, applied that with AS5 and am now idling at 54c (that's on an overclocked card, if it were stock, it would probably idle at 51c or less).

All in all, your temps are fine. I e-mailed PNY about the heat way back in July and they assured me that temps in the 60's are normal because the threshold is at 114c. I'm just fussy so I messed around with mine.

Do a search in the search bar on heat issues or temperatures and you'll find a whole bunch of people who posted about the same issues.

10-14-04, 04:21 AM
Thanks. I've been doing some googling around, and am now considering whether or not to remove/clean/repaste/reseat the heatsink. I'd like to try an OC but with these temps I'm not sure I'd get far. :)

10-14-04, 06:49 AM
Hottest my PNY ever got was 79c after hours of that RTHDRIBBLNUTS thingy While watching a DVD.