View Full Version : Help with Audigy 2 ZS

10-14-04, 08:21 PM
I just got an Audigy 2 ZS and installed the latest drivers off of the site. Problem is, I have limited functionality to change settings. I have no equalizer or anything in the control panel. The sound works, but I am limited to Windows built in control panels to adjust sound.

What else should I install to be able to have a equalizer and stuff?

ON a side note, I got my Audigy at Best Buy that has a sale on the Gamer Edition until this Saturday for $58 with a mail-in rebate. That is crazy!!!

10-14-04, 11:29 PM
You need to install the drivers and software components (like the EQ) off the disk first...then do the update.

10-15-04, 04:39 AM
If your Motherboard has on board audio, another thing you might to do is go into your BIOS and disable it. I love Creative products but I hate their drivers & apps.