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10-15-04, 11:51 AM
Check this out

Here is where to find the file:

C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\*your user name*\counter-strike source\hl2.exe

Copy the file to your desktop and rename it hl2.txt. Open it up in wordpad and paste this line at the top of the file:


Go to Format->Font and select Terminal 6 point regular. Make sure Word Wrap is checked (in the Format menu) and adjust the width of your window until it's just as wide as the line of x's (49 characters). Make sure none of em bump down to the next line.

Now scroll though the file until something jumps out at you. You'll know it when you see it.

This is what you will find:

10-15-04, 11:55 AM
jakup-you're a great guy, but man-you have way too much time on your hands lol. :)

10-15-04, 12:00 PM
lol well I probably should of said that I didnt discover that :)

I found it here ;) I think even then I have way too much time on my hands..hehe :D


10-15-04, 12:01 PM
ok..nevermind then lol :bleh:

10-16-04, 03:20 AM
who the hell is dclowd990 ;)
or is it the text file im supposed to be looking at? ;x

10-16-04, 12:03 PM
son of a bitch! i thought you were going to say you could somehow play HL2 now! DAMNIT!

I was SO close to buying a Steam package right now.

10-16-04, 12:19 PM
Haha, Superklye. That would've been pretty easy to get HL2 to work, but would've also been nice. It'll go gold soon so don't worry.

10-17-04, 04:22 PM
rofl what a find.

10-17-04, 04:30 PM
Thats a lovely chick :luv: !

err .. whats that hl2 find again ??