View Full Version : ON ATA IDE Hardrives

10-16-04, 03:35 AM
What is better Ultra DMA6-Ultra 133 or Multi-word DMA-2 ,I had never seen the latter option before until I got my new A64 3400+ and my MSAI K8N NEO Platinum.I am useing the nvidia drivers instead of the windows drivers.

10-16-04, 05:57 AM
I haven't heard of Multi-word DMA2, but usually higher the DMA number, the faster isn't, I think for you HDD, DMA Ultra 133 is the fastest it supports, best to check the specs on Maxtor's website.

10-16-04, 06:35 AM
I done look at the web sites and have not found anything on multi-word DMA2

10-16-04, 07:46 AM
well it looks like I had Ultra DMA disable in the Bios all is fine now back at Ultra DMA 6.

10-16-04, 05:55 PM
Multi word dma 2 is slower than ultra dma. It runs at 22mb/sec.