View Full Version : Shuttle PC and 6800 owners, please check in

10-16-04, 04:18 AM
What temperatures are you seeing with your 6800's?

Please list in this format:
Card model: Leadtek 6800NU
GPU core temp: 58 C idle, 66 C load
Ambient temp: 42 C idle, 51 C load
Core/memory speed: stock 325/700

Thank you.


Shuttle SB61G2
P4 3.4C @ stock
1GB 2-3-3-6 Corsair
Leadtek A400 6800
74 GB WD Raptor

Golden Boy
10-16-04, 05:34 AM
My 2nd (LAN) PC is a very cool self modded Shuttle SN45GV2
(side modded with a radiator grill so that the card has more fresh air)

Card model: PNY 6800GT
GPU core temp: 45 C idle, 68 C load
Ambient temp: 25 C idle, 34 C load
Core/memory speed: stock 350/1000
but it runs oc`d at 400/1100 :)

Shuttle SN45GV2
AMDXP 3200+ @ stock
1GB 2-3-2-11 Corsair
PNY 6800GT
80 GB Seagate 7200.7