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10-17-04, 12:56 AM
I tested o/cing my card on my system and found that upping the memory clock made it wayyyyyyyyyy hotter than upping the core to 400.

Also upping the memory didnt do much for me but upping the core to 400mhz and leavin the memory alone gave me around 500 more points in 3dmark03. I'm stickin at 400/1000 for now :P

Just figured id share /w yall, lemme know what u think :)

10-17-04, 01:09 AM
For cooling the memory you have to rely on good air flow thru the case or on a dedicated fan. Still, I agree that upping the clocks on the gpu is more important in increasing performance on this card.

10-17-04, 01:15 AM
right now im idling at 66 degrees @ 400/1000

at 370/1100 i was hitting mid 70s :P so yea id say put on a new cooler on top of the good air flow for a 400+/1100+ o/c.

10-17-04, 01:25 AM
Your idling temps are a bit high and could be just poor contact between the sink and the gpu.
My GT idled at 58 to 60C depending on ambient temp running 410/1.1. I just changed motherboards out in the last few days and now the GT is idling at 55-56C, go figure. I plan on eventually removing the HSF and checking contact surfaces and applying some Ceramique or AS5. Some have posted reducing temps to low 50's by doing this. Well, we will see.
Good luck with your efforts.

10-17-04, 01:32 AM
Ya my temps r a bit high heh but thats what i get for livin in Vegas :P plus it gets hotter in my room because of my Trinatron CRT 19'' - puts off so much heat.

my ambient is 45c tho.. so maybe it is poor contact. Ill try tightening up the screws a bit. lol cuz if i take off the cooler to put on some AS5 then im gonna end up buyin a new cooler :P

10-17-04, 01:57 AM
Idel temps on wifes BFG 6800Gt is 56c idle 38c ambient and this is in a HOT room thats get little ventilation. I ahve not removed the HSF to apply AS5

10-17-04, 02:29 AM
ohhh man u saved my life omfg....

i opened my case and pulled out my card to check the screws and one of them fell out when i flipped the card over.. then i checked it and the thing had broken off.

What should i do guys? should i call BFG or just try to find a new screw thing?

The screw is hollow and the peg from the HS goes into the screw, and it looks like the pegscrew thing from the hs is broken off inside the hollow screw.

Im on my 5200FX right now =X

:edit: i called BFG and they said i gotta RMA my card to them, said cuz GT isnt in stock right now it will take 2 weeks, he also said if in 2 weeks they cant get me a GT then they will give me an ULTRA!!!1!1!!!!