View Full Version : New version of BF DC available!!!!!!

10-17-04, 10:20 PM
Yup! Here ya go:

Download links are all there...

The story behind it is kind of complicated, but basically Trauma studios was bought by DICE (makers of BF1942) so this release is "unnoficial". But its the best we are going to get, because Trauma no longer works on the mod (many of the devs are independantly working on this release though, so its as good as any official release could be). So far the feedback is great... amazing sound effects, new vehicles, new maps... yum :D

Heres the whole story, with some screenshots and a large interview:

Enjoy :)

BTW, you need DC 0.7 to play this, and this is a 361Mb download... so yeah, theres some new content ;)

10-17-04, 10:41 PM
Its about time..... But im still waiting until DC Final comes out soon? :rolleyes:

10-17-04, 10:55 PM

Get DC final here

10-17-04, 11:47 PM
Bout damn time DC got another update...

10-18-04, 12:33 AM
Its about time..... But im still waiting until DC Final comes out soon? :rolleyes:
This is DC Final... :lol:
EDIT: BTW guys, its a new mod now. Rather than Desert Combat, the mod folder is DC_final, so you have to use different server filters, different shorcut, etc.

I just tried it, and its pretty cool. New sounds are great, but they have so many sounds now that they cut out and dont play some times (for some reason, the game only supports 31 hardware sound channels, but 64 software), so thats a bit irritating. Also, I was getting my ass kicked royally on dustbowl. Decent map, its just insane how good some people are at this game. Whatever they changed in this version was just enough to screw up what ive learned so I suck all over again. I didnt have a lot of fun actually, so im probably still going to play DC .7 some times.

10-18-04, 10:40 AM
Is it any good ?

10-19-04, 12:35 PM
Is it any good ?

It's teh only reason bf1942 is still on my hdd. If it didn't require that I'd only have DC installed. there are only a few games that I can't live without them on my hdd and dc is one of them.

It'll still be on there when BF2 comes out I imagine.

I'll have to go grab dcfinal tonight :nana:
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