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10-17-04, 10:37 PM
Well as you know from my last form about my axim 5x screen broke It turned out to be a cheep $50 fix :rolleyes: .

Im soon looking for pocket pc and found Axim X50v has just been released but for $500 dose anyone know how long it will take for the price to drop to atleast around $300 on ebay after x-mas and early march. I am thinking about getting the Dell Axim X50v version which comes with the new VGA screen but with price in mind might go for the mid range which dosnet come with the VGA screen.

Here check it out.



Bill The Cat
10-18-04, 10:00 AM
It looks...new. I didn't know you could fix broken screens. Looks great.

10-18-04, 10:38 AM
I liked the first-gen Dell Axims. Those new ones look too much like the iPaq.

Far as price drops, I'm not sure how those work for handhelds. I have to think you're right that it will drop after the holidays. Make sure you keep checking Dell's site for both home and small business because a lot of times one or the other will offer good deals - % off discounts, free shipping, et al.

10-18-04, 07:50 PM
It looks...new. I didn't know you could fix broken screens. Looks great.

LoL its not that one, The picture is the new pocket pc from dell. The thing that I need to get is Digitizer/Glasstop.

The replasment

The instructions