View Full Version : nvFlash v5.08 PLEASE VERIFY THESE COMMANDS!?

10-18-04, 03:28 AM
i need to veridy these are correct commands to use when flashing my 6800 ultra bios

nvflash -b backup.rom (backs up my bios?)

nvflash -5 -6 xxx.rom (new bios?)

these were the comands in the odelr version but they seem to change.... are they still the same in 5.08? is there anything else i should use? thnx!

10-18-04, 03:39 AM
I've found that the flash command for the 5.08 version is different to the older versions.
I've successfully flashed my XFX 6800GT with nvflash 5.08 by simply entering the following command.....
nvflash xxxx.rom (x being the name of your bios file)

The backup command is the same as other versions.......
nvflash -b xxxx.rom (x being the name of your bios file)

10-18-04, 04:01 AM
still not wokring :( im trying to flash my asus 6800 ultra to another 6800 ultra standard clocks bios, coz i get freezes. it keeps saying error: hardware id mismatch sh**t i even tried the -5 -6 way can anyone find me a version of nvflash thats older than 4.XX

10-18-04, 05:45 AM
With nvflash 04.42 I used:

nvflash -f backup.rom -p -u -2

10-18-04, 06:29 AM

With 4.42 the '-2' switches forces the flash. I have unsuccesfully tried this with 5.08.
The '-p' and '-u' switches are replaced by the '-5' and '-6', but in certain cases (i.e. with a different manufacturer) you need the '-2' switch.
If anyone knows how to do this in 5.08.... perhaps they took it out as some sort of protection?