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10-19-04, 06:18 PM
Two weeks or so ago I bought the Tagan 480 in a, what should be, reliable store.

I immediatly though noticed it was the old version without the seperate vga cable, nor with the copper shielded power cable.

After having contact with that store I today brought the psu back, and then they told me I had no warranty because the seal had been broken and one screw was slightly damaged!

My first reaction to myself was WTF!?, because clearly, I hadnt done anything with it!

I then told them that this was how I received it from them, and then the bastard tells me that thats not possible because they receive their products directly from the manufacturer.

Well, wake up dude, because apparently it IS possible!:mad:

And now Im seriously mad, because Ive been sold a second hand, old version for the the full retail price! And an top of that, if it dies next week or something, I dont have any warranty!:mad:
And you have to trust me that I didnt do anything with it:mad:

So the problem right now is not huge, because it IS working perfect, but Im not paying full price for a second hand, old product without warranty. Obviously, I want to rectify this.

And then the thought of the ticking Tagan's crossed my mind. I dont know much about that, so thats why Im asking you, because it could be that my Tagan also had this ticking problem, and that someone cured it (I dont hear it now).

afaik, Tagan allowed people with a bad Tagan to send it to them, and they would get a new one (iirc). But do they still do that?

Also, how many revisions of the tagan 480 are their? Is it just 2, the old one with the ticking problem, and the new one with a seperate vga cable etc?

Because if thats the case, than I dont need to proof that my Tagan used to tick, and they will hopefully send me a new one. If not, then Im screwed:mad:

Long story, but as you understand, Im seriously mad, and I hope you guys can help me, and I hope that Tagan is kind enough to help me, because this store is just bull**** (it was Alternate here in Holland btw:mad: )

Oh, and to add to the misery, it cost me a lot of time and trouble and waiting in the cold to get to the store and back, AND my mainboard and/or cpu died on me today, so right now Im on a p3 1ghz, 128mb ddr and a geforce 6800gt, so I cant play games. How ****ed up is that?

10-20-04, 12:43 PM
Hoi Schumi,
Spijtig om te horen dat je de ouwe Tagan480 hebt en dat ie ook nog doa is.
Die van mezelf (en van Deathchant) is iig de nieuwe met de EMI shielded VGA kabel en powercord ; dus ja, naar mijn weten zijn er 2 versies.

Ik had Tagan ook zelf een keer direct gemeeld wat betreft een vraag over aansluitings mogelijkheden, maar nowayjose, geen antwoord. Zo te horen zijn die Alternate dudes niet echt eh 'correct'.

Verder weet ik ook alleen maar dat Tagan deze meel adressen heeft ;

service@tagan.com, tech@tagan.com en sales_euro@tagan.com

Ik zou em direct bij Tagan proberen te rma'en.