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10-19-04, 10:29 PM
An update to Counter-Strike: Source has just been released. Steam will update itself automatically when you restart. Here is a list of the changes:


Fixed %n exploit crash

Fixed smoke grenade stacking with repeating sounds

Fixed smoke grenades getting stuck in cracks and never detonating.

10-19-04, 10:51 PM
No that smoke stacking trick was my trademark :(

10-19-04, 11:28 PM
At least they fixed that uber lame exploit.... now if they could do something about all the cheaters

10-19-04, 11:46 PM
At least they fixed that uber lame exploit.... now if they could do something about all the cheaters
Its just counterstrike... we dont know if they are cheating or not most of the time. Some people are just that lucky (ill never call it skill) when it comes to CS.

Call me a bitter n00b (please do) but CS used to be fun like 3 years ago, now its so full of gods\cheaters that its rediculous. Headshots from across the map with an AK are all too common. Its especially anoying in the old CS where the terrorists held the gun at their hip :rolleyes:

Im almost positive that most of these guys arent cheating, they are just insanely lucky with headshots and knowing where people are.

The cheats cant REALLY be that wide spread, can they?

BTW, I just thought of the only way to remedy this irritating problem. Have an admin mod type thing that kicks players who have scores much higher than the majority of other players. It sounds stupid, but CS is fun for everyone until one lame ass who is god (or is cheating) comes into a server full of non-gods\cheaters and ruins the fun for everyone. If you are extremely good at the game, then you should know which servers you can get on that will have people that are as good as you so you dont get kicked. I know a lot of people will say this is dumb, but itd deffinitely get me back into CS. The only reason I dont play is because its always ruined by people who can get quadruple my score and headshot everyone 1400 times per game.

10-19-04, 11:53 PM
think of it this way... you can access the devmode and replace yourself with a level 10 ai bot. (i have been fiddling with the devmode for Lanning against bots and humans). Other than that the old sv_cheats 1 trick still works... God, u name it. I'll hafta go through and list what i've found.

10-20-04, 01:05 AM
So, did they FINALLY fix it so that people with the cracked version of CS:S can't play online...or is that still "in development"?

10-20-04, 08:05 AM
I agree with CaptNKill. I love to play CS:S when you have a bunch of people that WANT to impliment team work. That's when you get some really good games (not to mention action and . . . PWNAGE!!!) going on. Valve will more than likely update CS:S a ton. Hope they don't update HL2 too much after it's release; I KNOW it's not going to be perfect, bug-free.

10-20-04, 08:12 AM
Well, I don't mean to be a jerk, but some people (such as myself) just got really good at CS over the years. I used to scrim a lot too, and I played with some extremely good players very regularly, so it was only natural that I got good. Now, every time I join a server, EVEN ON CS:S, I get accused of hacking. It's annoying as all hell, I just want to play the game and enjoy it, but people yell "WALLH4X" every time I shoot I guy who runs out from a corner (even though I could hear him a mile away). I get owned my fair share of the time, but really, some people just ARE that good at it. I'm by no means a "pro"; hell, I hadn't even played CS since like a year ago before CS:S. But it's like learning to ride a bike.

I can see how it is frustrating for not-so-good players getting slaughtered, but at least be good sports about it. Us "GODs" or whatever get pretty annoyed getting kicked out of every other game just for playing well since the n00b server admins get all pissy when they lose.

And "luck" has absolutely nothing to do with it - most noobs don't even realize that sound plays like 75% of the role in the game. If you can hear a guy coming around a corner, you can estimate where he is, and run out and pop him in the head pretty easily. This is something I love to to with the PUMP SHOTTY. Headshots from across the level? Still easy, takes steady aim, quick reflexes, and very short, very controlled bursts. Do a full auto spray with your rifle from across the map and look at the bullet pattern - the first 3-4 shots are lined up perfectly, going up, then there's a circular pattern. It's very easy to compensate for this by just slightly aiming down while you shoot, increasing the chances for a long-distance headshot. There's no "luck" in that, it just takes practice.

Rampant CL
10-21-04, 03:45 PM
So, did they FINALLY fix it so that people with the cracked version of CS:S can't play online...or is that still "in development"?

Unfortunately for those legit players, the group who released the css on valve server crack have promised to release the updates as they come out, except for cracked versions, so i do believe thats not gonna happen any time soon.