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10-20-04, 02:14 AM
I remember in the initial launch hype of the GeForce 6, they promised a "programmable video processor" that could encode/decode video files, taking the work load off the CPU, and the GPU. Yet, there have been repeated reports that cpu utilisationo when playing videos is above and beyond normal, suggesting that the video processor unit is not enabled.

(ATI even put this in their marketing slides a few months back, if you can remember.)
The picture at the bottom.

The only reference I've found about this little anomoly in any review site is this paragraph from X-Bit labs, saying that

"These results make us think that the current version of the ForceWare driver has the support of NVIDIA’s video processor disabled. The developers may have encountered problems with this unit and put it off for a while to avoid stability issues. This is unlikely to be a hardware problem, since video processing seems to be performed by the ordinary ALUs and if the ALUs were defective, the entire NV40 core wouldn’t function properly. One way or another, the promised video-stream-processing capabilities of the NV40 remain on paper so far."
(Full page here: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/vi...ay/nv40_11.html)

I was hoping that an online hardware site would do a blazing investigative report on this apparent faliure to deliver on this promise, given that I have one of these cards, and NVIDIA seems to be particularly attentive to community stirrings.

Thanks to any repliers!

10-20-04, 03:01 AM