View Full Version : HP xw4100 and 6800 GT

10-20-04, 02:42 AM
Hi there,

I would like to purchase a Galaxy 6800 GT and I'am a bit afraid about my PSU capabilities. I

I own an HP workstation xw 4100 and the PSU is 280 W.

Could I put this card inside , I wish to overclock it to Ultra frequencies and to mod it to 1.4v

My current comp:

Hp workstation xw4100
P4 3.2 C
4 Go Ram
74 Go SATA Raptor
Radeon 9800 pro

Thank you in advance

10-20-04, 02:50 AM
It might, i wouldnt bet on it bieng very overclockable tho.

A power supply upgrade might be a good idea either way, it will improve performance most likely and give you room for expansion.

Id say stick with the 280w if it works but with that processor. U should pick up a thermaltake 420w or something like that.

If you want Ultra specs then id suggest at least a 400w.

10-20-04, 11:38 AM
It should be good , stock ,b ut OC is a risk you take no matter what system you got.

If you now the risk , but want to do it any ways, then the only thing left to do is try it.