View Full Version : Upgrade suggestions????

10-20-04, 04:49 PM
Ok im plan on making an upgrade between now and the end of Dec. Im currently running a 9700np 1 gig of pc3200 ram and and athlon 2600+ (333mhz fsb). Im hearin all this about Nvidias SLi tech. So im thinkin about gettin and nvidai nforce 4 with a 6600gt and an athlon64 3000+. Will i get a pretty big performance boost from this setup, and will it be worth the 400+ $$$ i will have to spend to get it. Or should i settle for a 6600gt agp varient for a video card, and only end up spending $200. Thanks for your input.

10-20-04, 04:57 PM
That's a waste of money. The A64 would bottleneck you badly i think.
The only useful combo would be: FX55 and 2 6800GTs SLI.
Get yourself a 6800GT and be happy.
For a good SLI system you need to get the best CPU out there or you're just bottlenck badly.
Why use 2 6600's in a SLI. Buy one and add another lateris ok but why start with such a combo? Get one 6800 ULTRA or GT instead. You still can add another one in a year or so.