View Full Version : Dual Athlon issues with GF3

10-21-04, 01:15 AM
Im trying to figure out what the go is here...
System is as follows:
Dual AMD Athlon MX
Tyan Tiger MPX
Hercules Geforce 3 Ti200
Various other bits and pieces
OS is (where Im getting problems) Win XP SP2

Im getting a BSOD when I start Sims2 with the official drivers. I've tried many versions. All give the same thing.
The BSOD says the nv4_disp driver has gone into an infinate loop.

All other games I have on at the moment are fine.

Sims2 will run but BSOD on exiting if I use the 66.81 "beta" drivers. Trouble is, I just started Vice City up and it has major graphics problems (random polys flashing up) and pausing in the game. From memory, last time I say anything doing this it would run for about 3 minutes and then lock up completely. I quit VC before anything happened though.

I have a feeling this is something to do with the combo of mobo chipset and video chip and thier associated drivers. AMD havent updated the drivers for thier chipsets for about 2 years, so I figure Im buggered in that regard.

I know this is probably a long shot, but does anyone else have a GF3 on an AMD chipset based board and run The Sims 2??

10-21-04, 01:27 AM
I just ran GTA:VC for a few minutes and the pausing seems to only be in the first few minutes. After that it runs OK apart from the random flashing of other off screen bits and pieces. Like at times things go transparent, or a part of the image that should be off the edge of the screen apears accross the bottom or whatever....

Seems to be some kind of random repeating polygon mis-allignment or miscalculation or something. The kind of thing an ovheating card does, only more constant and doesnt result in lock-ups.