View Full Version : 6800 GT card Dimensions

Benny Hill
10-22-04, 12:20 PM
Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a Galaxy Glacier 6800GT and I can't seem to find any info on the actual dimensions of the card (H x W).

I know it will take up an extra PCI slot 'cos of the cooler but am concerned about the length of it.

I have an eMachines case (I've upgraded the mobo, CPU PSU (a full ATX one)etc)

I just want to know the size of it before I go and buy it.


Ben [UK]

10-22-04, 01:19 PM
Well dont they all use the reference pcb from nvidia? So find any measures for any GT and you get the numbers. A quick flick of the ruler and my MSI GT is about 22.5cm, and add another 1.5cm for the power molex plug.

10-22-04, 02:06 PM
My GT fit in my old T2605 eMachines case along with a Soundblaster and 2hdds and 2disc drives

It was a microATX case too btw

Benny Hill
10-23-04, 06:38 AM
Cheers for that guys,

I'll get my tape measure out and give the innards a quick size up. Looks like it should be OK.

My case is also a MATX, but takes an ATX size PSU. Fingers crossed.


Benny Hill
10-23-04, 10:39 AM
Whooo hoooooooo!

Refernece GT board is 215mm long (though this was PCIE and not AGP, but I can't see there being much difference). I have 10" of space from the back of my case to the hard drive cage - and then it looks like the base of the cage is slightly above the line of the AGP slot anyway.

So, out with the ol' Credito Card and SPEND SPEND SPEND.


PS it interferes with the DIMM slot catches (won't open with card in) but who cares, I'll just have a bit more to do when I get my DDR400 ram.