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10-22-04, 06:01 PM

10-22-04, 06:07 PM
Pretty good article. Guess that answers the question on activation and all that, though he wasn't clear on what he meant by "authenticate". Did he mean entering a CD key and then starting up a Steam account, or starting an account and activating the game online? Weird. :wtf:

10-23-04, 09:01 AM
I'm not sure about that...It would be interesting to see if they use a system like autocad where you authenticate and they give you a new "key" or whatever and you can use it every time you install in the future...

though i think your second statement about starting a steam account then authenticating it is what is going to happen...at least that's what the article sounds like

i'll probably just purchase the silver edition from steam so i can play it ASAP...but i do have to go to the store to get prince of persia the same day...such important decisions to make...:)