View Full Version : 6800 Ultra - Stand By Issues

10-22-04, 09:52 PM
After placing my computer on "Stand By" in Windows XP for a few hours, when turning it back on I got a 24 colour pixelated square filled screen that attempted to refresh every 2 minutes. After about 10 minutes, I attempted to shut it off via the power button, but that didn't work, so I was forced to turn off the power supply. Once, it was rebooted it worked fine. I've used the Stand By feature on many different occasions with my old 9800xt and it worked fine. Has anyone experienced this issue? Also I'm using the 65.73 drivers WHQL (my sig says 66.81 because I ran 3dmark with it).

10-23-04, 04:33 PM
34 views yet no replies. I am the only one with this problem?!