View Full Version : Prima book interview

10-25-04, 09:13 AM
I think this is the book that will be released with the Collectors edition or stand alone for $34.99. Does anyone know if it's the book or the guide that will come with the set? I could care less about the guide but if it is the book I may splurge and get the set.


This is a interview about the book, basically the making of and background info on Valve. Interesting read if you are interested in the book.

10-25-04, 09:34 AM
The strategy guides are typically only $15. That being the case, I would say the included book is actually on the making of the game. Should be a good read. :)

10-25-04, 01:05 PM
I was wondering about that too, although not much information was given on the book included with the Collector's Edition. If it is the same then that would certainly make the collector's edition seem like a slightly better value, since as it is HL:S and the shirt don't exactly add much...