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10-25-04, 07:44 PM
Heh, well I've seen lots of [EDIT]screenshots of it and I don't think the graphics look that great. Better than the first but maybe he has a little bit of a short memory and thinks the first looked better than it did. Anyway, wasn't a great fan of the first's gameply but that doesn't mean I'm writing off this one.

10-25-04, 07:53 PM
npras42, what the heck are you thinking?

Your attitude and way of addressing the problem is clearly out of line. Your method of questioning the policy I used is, um, sorry, but it's COMPLETELY shady... I wont put up with it, or even you for that matter. Good-bye.

Before you leave, you might wanna think about lurking for a while at some other forums and learn how to post maturely and have some respect.

Now, I will close this thread. Because of him, not the previous problem.

10-25-04, 09:33 PM
I never said anything about leaving. Why would you be so pleased if I were to leave... What have I actually done wrong? Stated that I think mods should do something next time??? I didn't flame-bait. I didn't flame. I don't think I said anything too unreasonable. You don't have to go dissecting everyone's posts you know, so you can pick out individual sentences, take them out of the context and make a sarcastic/flaming comment about them. If you don't want to listen to me use the ignore feature instead.

And yes, I do think you're jumping on your high horse. Do you want to know why!? Because I think your motives for making all these pointless posts, that have nothing to do with the topic, is to prove that you are good and that you don't pirate. You actually don't give a toss what this guy does, and how he obtains his games. You're more bothered about making a point over and over and over, that is in line with the accepted views of this forum in general. Its actually a form of bullying. I don't think you were the first to condemn his piracy, but you did jump in with the crowd, so that this could turn in to a mass flaming.

So I kinda know what you are going to say: What do you know about me? What proof do you have that I am behaving that way for that reason? How childish do you think I am, attacking a guy, for no other reason than to raise my social standing etc etc?

And you know I don't know anything about you... Yet you know nothing about me either, nor about the guy who made this thread either. Yet you have villainised him and made him out as an all-out bad guy.

You don't know when to shut-up do you? That crap about accepted views of this forum is a form of bullying is ridiculous. You need to learn something about the law. It was by MY mistake this thread was not closed. Leave ragejg out of it he's been more patient with people in this thread than I would of been.