View Full Version : Wanted: Lower than 50% fan speed for GT6800 Ultra GS!

abit late
10-25-04, 03:18 PM

Does anyone know if there are any expertool hacks or other utilities to reduce the fan speed to less than the 50% minimum allowed by expertool?

This would be a god send for 2D work! This thing is driving me nuts!

My GPU temp is always around 55 deg, even OC'd and after an hr of D3! I think I could get away with a 10% reduction in speed, at least for 2D stuff.


10-25-04, 09:47 PM
I bought a BFG 6800GT OverClock and the noise was driving me batty; then I bought an Arctic Cooling NV Silencer (rev 5 is for 6800s) and besides this very light "tick tick" sound, the thing is just about silent. I certainly can't here it (except the ticking if I put my ear next to the case) over the pretty-quite 3 120mm fans in the case...

10-25-04, 10:54 PM
First of all best way to measure your cards temps is to run this http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/archives/rthdribl_1_2.zip and look at your temperature rise high , after you play a game and exit to check is no good , temps drop in few seconds from 70'C to 50'C

10-25-04, 11:47 PM
I know what you mean. Now that I switched too a much quieter case my BFG6800GT is getting on my nerves when I'm just surfin. Its got this very slight grrrr grrr grrr noise. Couldnt even hear it in my other case. Its not bad enough to make me pull the stock HSF off and replace it though.

Back on topic if you wanted to go through the trouble couldnt you just run the GPU fan off a small fan controller?

10-26-04, 12:19 AM
Well maybe its attached incorrectly , should not be loud , even while gameing my Stock CPU fan is louder :p , there are options like Silencer http://www.coolerguys.com/840556035411.html its should be better , but i don't have one so you might wanna wait for more opinions.