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10-25-04, 03:49 PM
Very new, selling them to save up for a laptop.

$50 w/out shipping.


75 Watts System Power* (6 Watts RMS per speaker / 17 Watts RMS subwoofer)

Front center speaker for in-your-face action in DirectSound® 3D games with Sound Blaster® 5.1 sound card

Dynamic frequency response from 40Hz-20kHz for a clean range of lows, mids and highs

Best clarity in its price class with 75dB signal-to-noise ratio

Proprietary CMSS® upmix technology for 5.1 surround sound with 4-channel Sound Blaster® sound cards

Creative IFP™ (Image Focusing Plate) design using a curved front baffle and a contoured flare to improve satellite sonic accuracy without sacrificing tonal balance

Wired volume / bass control with power switch and a headphone jack
EAX® technology for realistic 3D audio in games and 5.1-discrete channels with Sound Blaster® sound cards

Electronically contoured speakers with high performance drivers

Thanks for looking. ^_^

10-25-04, 05:33 PM
where do you live? this way i can see if shipping is gonna kick my a*s

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10-25-04, 09:08 PM
OWNED :nanahump:

10-26-04, 08:44 AM
You must want to be banned Yonkers, read the rules:

4. Do not engage in public bartering/bidding/auctioning!! Period. If you feel the price is unfair and wish to try to negotiate with the seller, use the private message or E-mail functions to notify the seller in private - not public!. I can't stress that enough, folks - such business negotiations and proposals should be private business - between you and the seller. Ultimately, it is up to the seller to determine the final price. After you've privately bartered and you still feel the price is unfair, move along with your life. Posting rants, raves, pisses, moans and groans dragging your private conversion into this public forum will result in deployment of Mr. Flibble!!

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Don't make idol threats.

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i think he was just trying to help a fellow member not get raped:P :lame:

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especially a noob with what, like 20 posts:P :lol2:

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At least I follow the rules, even a "noob" can do that.

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Last time I checked that wasn't funny.

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wow learn to type "!!!!!111111"

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Wow, learn to realize sarcasm!

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Come on guys settle down. I hope a mod can delete all posts after post #2 and start over.

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:drooling: Don't try to play it off, you made a typing error:P (newb)

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I submitted this thread to ragejg so he can clean it up.

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good job, cause i hate for a Noob, to be taking advantage of other forum members :)

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Why does it matter if someone is a 139+ user, especially when all there are are stupid comments like "noob" and "owned!"? Having registered at this site before other people did does not make you a better, more intellegent, capable human being. It just means you registered at this site earlier. This isn't the Masons, folks. This isn't even the Rotary Club. It's a *******ed user submission based message board site. Senority here is about as indicitive of one's capabilies as a human being as being Employee of the Month as McDonalds. It just means you haven't found anything better to do. So you can call me a "noob" all you want, it doesn't matter to me bc it just shows that you think you're cool bc you post more, which is pretty stuid to me. So leave me alone or move onto another thread where you can call someone else noob. If you don't have anything positive to say in the thread maybe you shouldn't be part of it.

Grow up.

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Thanks, Maybe I will get more respect. lol :)

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wow you are still talking? the first page should have been the end of it, but i guess you are the one who neds to grow up, anyways, have fun and welcome to NVnews, where we try to give good deals to others not more than retail, THANKS, an goodnight :)

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Really, and harrass other memebers right? I guess for that you consider yourself a better member.

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PhantomOSX, Your Avatar RoXX! :P

Welcome to NVNews!


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Thanks:) Asians are always hot.