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10-25-04, 03:53 PM
Getting close to narrowing down exactly what I want for my next computer upgrade Please let me know if I am missing something or anyway I can improve (performance or cost) on what I've got in term of "bang for your buck". Best performance to cost ratio of approximately the system power I have spec'd below. Am looking at this as a gaming rig, playing HL2, CS:Source, Doom3 , Stalker, GTA: SA, and all the next generation games based on the HL2 and Doom3 engines.

Current components I will keep
Thermal Take 480W power supply
4 IDE 7200 rph Hard Drives
19" Viewsonic monitor

Upgrades Before xmas
Price Current Upgrades
1_______$220____Mobo = nForce4 (Brand Name = ?, buy in about 2 months)
2_______$285____CPU = Athlon 64 3500+
3_______$150____Memory = DDR1, 1GB
4_______$350____Video Card = BFG Geforce 6800GT, SLI
5_______$120____Hard Drive = 80GB SATA Raptor 10,00RPM Drive
6_______$50_____Thermal Past + CPU fan

Upgrades 12-24 Months Later
________$?______Video Card = Geforce 6800GT, SLI
________$?______CPU = Athlon 64 FX-55

Couple unanswered questions:

0. Would you think the extra GPU and upgraded CPU would double my system power?

1. What is generally a reliable brand name mobo for nForce boards. I will gladly sacrifice 5% in performance for a very stable brand name.

2. My power supply is whisper quiet, ould like to get CPU fan and case fans that are quiet. Can anyone please recommend a brand name or URL where to get reasonably priced quiet CPU and case fans.

3. Good brand name for thermal paste, or is it best to try and buy the cpu with a fan attached.

4. Would you recommend I buy a combo from some place or buy the CPU and mobo seperately. Is is generally cheaper seperately and/or do they sometimes put crappyu fans on CPU and risk ruining the CPU?

Thanks for any advice or feedback you can offer...


Bill The Cat
10-25-04, 04:30 PM
SilenX makes good quality low-dba fans. But remember there is no "Magic Bullet" fan that is quiet _and_ has high air volume. It's a tradeoff.

Will your system power be doubled? Not by a long shot. But it sure will be improved. It looks like a good upgrade path. As I run a shuttle S939 board, I'm not sure who makes good ones. But if you are thinking about a SFF, my Shuttle FN95G5 is cool, small, and attractive.

I'm also not sure if you'll be able to get your 6800GT SLI (Drool) before Christmas. If the 6800GGT AGP is any indication, it could well be some time before supply meets up with demand.

As for thermal paste, I like Artic Silver Ceramique, and it won't fry your board if you spill some on it. Regardless, the choice of thermal paste won't make much difference in your case.

Looks like a good system/upgrade path.