View Full Version : BIOS settings for 6800 Ultra - how to view?

10-26-04, 11:17 AM
is there a way to view the BIOS settings of the 6800 Ultra? if so, how? i've never viewed the BIOS of a video card. i want to ensure that fastwrites are disabled. i installed coolbits 2 and think i've done it, but want to be sure.

the reason - call of duty locks up and i'm at a loss for a solution. i've heard this may help.

10-26-04, 11:38 AM
You don't disable Fatwrites in your graphics card bios. You do that in your systems bios. Hit del key after you power your system on to get into the bios.
If you don't have an option to disable FW there you can do it with rivatuner.
Enabled fastwrites could be the cause of all your trouble.