View Full Version : FS: cadence Ultra-drive 300W AMP, 2x10" Pioneer IMPP subs...

10-26-04, 05:20 PM
Selling as a package...

Amp is very used, but I'll give the board a cleaning before I ship it (I'm a former class 3 industrial electronics tech)... it pushed 2 360w 6x9's VERY nicely in my car for a couple years... this amp could push subs nicely too...

IMPP 400w subs are NIB minus the box basically... vintage 2002... theyve only been tested....

$80 plus shipping


10-27-04, 02:39 AM
is this 300 Watts per channel stereo? (What's the model number please) Can it be bridged to mono?

Can you give the exact model number on the woofers also?

(I need to stop shopping at the ragejg store... I keep seeing things I want.)