View Full Version : Memory Naming Convetions

08-04-02, 12:52 PM
I have noticed lately that nobody seems to be standardizing the naming of memory and it is getting rather confusing for the standard consumer, when they have to here DDR333 and PC2700. How are they supposed to know that the two are the same thing? It's the same with Rambus, RIMM4200 and PC1066. It is happening with all different types of rmbs memory and ddr mem. JDEC needs to say that there is one name, and I personally think that it should go by FSB, so like DDR333 and RIMM533. What do you guys think? peace

08-04-02, 02:29 PM
man your so right the nameing conventions are soooo messed up! just the other day i went to buy some memory and had to take a closer look becouse of the 333 and 2700 thing. whats the deal with that. jedic should get a handel on these naming things and just go by there bus speed.

08-04-02, 08:27 PM
I kind of like the 2xxx name though, as it is very descriptive. I mean just from the name you know the bandwidth of the module.