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10-26-04, 11:46 PM
useing Ntune*yes i know its a leaked beta* or nv system utility 1.08*the latest version from the nvidia site*. I noticed a bug when you have overclocked settings and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this

I have a AX newcastle 3000 + at 10x240 1:1 mem ratio on a msi k8n neo with OCZ
3200 timings at 2t 2.5 , 3 , 3, 7 everything is stable prime 95 for 48 hrs etc etc. I noticed when ever i restart windows or shut down windows when i leave Ntune or NV system utility open and i go to restart or turn the PC off. Now when i turn the PC back on i get booted back defualt settings and i get some thing like this after drives are detected "Overclocking settings reset , please enter set up and reset overclocking settings". This only happens when i leave one of those 2 programs open b4 restart or shut down and all i have to do to fix it is A) Close them down b4 i restart/shutdown or just enter the bios when it gives me that message and exit out of it.

I figure it has something to do with windows overclocking tools or something to that nature. I would like to report this bug to nvidia if anyone else has this problem but i don't know where to send that type of feedback to.

Any help would be appreciated

Full system spec
A64 3000+ @ 2400 , 10x 240 1:1 mem speed. w/ Thermalright XP 90 + 92m pana
MSI K8N neo plat bios 1.4
OCZ premier 3200 512x2 @ 240 2T 2.5 , 3 , 3 , 7
BFG 6800 Ultra @ stock w/ NV silencer
OCZ Powerstream 520w PSU
WD 74g Raptor x 2 on sata 3/4
Plextor 16x DVDr
Coolermaster Pratorean case

*pls excuse my grammer/spelling english is not my first language*
*posted this on msi boards as well since i dident know about this site till after*

10-27-04, 12:30 AM
I've been dabbling my toes back into CPU overclocking with an A64 3500+ and an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum. I tired to OC using both the BIOS automatic and NVIDIA software-based solutions. Both of which proved to cause major instability. Right now I'm back to good 'ol FSB/voltage tuning. I've manually set everything and so far I'm running at a 218 FSB, 5x HT, 3-4-4-8 1T memory timings (my RAM doesn't like anything tighter) with a bumped up CPU voltage of 1.525. So far so good, but I'm going to run Folding@Home for the rest of the night to see if any instability crops up. But no problems reported in Sandra or NVIDIA's monitoring programs (I'm using the beta of nTune as well).

I'm not sure if you've toyed with any of the software-based system settings, but if you have I would suggest not doing that and letting your BIOS handle all that dirty work.

10-27-04, 12:51 AM
No no , i don't use the windows based O/C ... too old school for that i set all settings manually in the bios. I don't think its a voltage issue useing 1.5 CPU and 2.75 mem. I just think there is some kinda a conflict going on when you run that tool.
I just run nvtune for temp readings its kinda neat. No way i would let it "auto" overclock.

10-27-04, 07:27 AM
I've been dabbling my toes back into CPU overclocking with an A64 3500+ and an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum.Off-topic, you might be interested in this, if you haven't seen it already: http://www.sudhian.com/showdocs.cfm?aid=616