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10-28-04, 06:39 AM
hi guys got a big problem here. I am a great fan of submarines so naturally one of my best games of all time should be SILENT HUNTER 2. I recently upgraded my computer from Radeon 9800 Pro to a 6800 GT. I use the 61.77 drivers and I get really bad flickering in the game. Its unplayable. I spoke to people on the sub forums and they said try new drivers , so I tried the 66.81s and its the same. Dont know what else to do. I would like to try and avoid installing much older drivers cos then my new games wont work as well. HELP!

10-28-04, 02:03 PM
i just tried the 66.74ss and the 61.82s and i still have the same problem

10-28-04, 03:06 PM
Is it flickering before it go's into Windows ?

If no, then do's this happen in other games ?

Do's it flicker on the desktop ?

What PSU do you have ?

10-28-04, 03:25 PM

Try that if you havent already.

Also some people got it to stop stuttering by turning off fastwrites.. although i reccomend you try the method in the link above

10-28-04, 03:45 PM
its more flickering that stuttering. The images are all distorted. It doesnt do it in any other games. Other people on the forums are having the same problem as me if they have Nvidia cards. they are not into hardware that much to know what the problem is. my psu is 400W

10-28-04, 03:58 PM
What brand PSU is it?

If its a problem just with that game then id say its just like how all my textures are transparent in Metal Gear Solid 2, and how i cant play Broken Sword 3 because the drivers wont work with it.

Some games are just screwed over by driver releases sometimes.

Broken Sword 3 hasnt worked for me with any 5x 6x drivers on my GT or my FX5200. Since the lowest driver that i can install on my 6800GT is still a 6x.xx driver, i can only play MGS2 and BS3 with my 5200 and 4x.xx drivers.

Sux not bieng able to play some games with this card. But it was the same story on my FX card aswell, except it would use older drivers and the 6800 wont.