View Full Version : New driver in 2nd week of November!!!??

10-29-04, 06:10 AM
According to theinquirer.net the new driver from nvidia coming 46th week, the one that starts on 8th November.
Check the full article here......

10-29-04, 06:26 AM
Thats 1 day after my birthday. Late birthday present ey? Yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it :rolleyes:

10-29-04, 06:57 AM
:lol2: I think that is a load of bs. Not even worth the read

10-29-04, 07:17 AM
yea whens the last time they were right? i hate that site.

10-29-04, 07:49 AM
I just hope that in that 99,99 % similarity with 66.81 the 0.01% difference is the bugfix for the white lines in cs source....

10-29-04, 07:58 AM
I think most of us can guess there will be an official driver release just in time for Half-Life 2. That site is so retarded I swear.

10-29-04, 12:10 PM
They said a new driver was ready "any day now" like 2 months ago...they don't know anymore than we do. Inq pretty much posts anything to get a hit to their site, some of the rumors are total b.s, others, they get lucky with and are somewhat right. Their pretty much going on the rumors that an official driver HAS to be out in time for HL2.