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10-29-04, 10:28 AM
Hi all,

I'm having problems with my new system that I built.


Athlon 64 3000+
Thermaltake Venus 8
Abit Kv8 Pro
Kingston 512mb ddr 3200
BFG 6800 OC


XP Pro SP2
Nvidia 66.81 drivers (have tried 61.77's as well)
Via 4.53 hyperion system drivers

I also have tried turning DEP off/ON in the boot.ini file

..::My Problem::..

I have been experiencing system reboots on rare occasions. I went into windows and unchecked automatically reboot on error. Now I am getting BSOD (blue screen of death).

Typically this is happening while playing a game (UT2004, Star Wars Galaxies). Originally I though the problem was related to DEP in SP2, as there have been many threads regarding this. I have shut off DEP, and even tried 2 different types of Nvidia drivers with no avail. The problem seems to happen just as I quit a game, but also has happened during memory intensive games.

So far I have recieved 2 types of BSOD

#1 page_fault_in_non_paged_area

#2 irql_not_less_than_equal

It seems to me like it is a memory issue with my Kingston 512mb ddr 3200. I ran memtest86 overnight last night, and when I woke up out of 20 or so tests, I received 2 errors. This concerns me. Is there any chance that it could be a CPU problem as well?

Sorry for the long post, but I am about to throw this system out the window :(



10-29-04, 10:33 AM
Those are typically memory related errors. Are you running your memory at the rated timings/clock speeds?

10-29-04, 10:37 AM
Everything is stock. Bios is updated to the latest abit version , and memory timings are set to SPD.

When I boot it says DDR400.


10-29-04, 10:55 AM
Take it off SPD and set the timings manually. Check what voltage the memory is rated at and set it. Should be 2.7v most likely, possibly 2.6v.

If you still have problems then start running memtest on each stick separately - you may have a bad module.

10-29-04, 11:02 AM
I only have one stick of ram (512mb) so its definitly this stick.

the specs are the following:

Manufacturer: Kingston
Speed: DDR400(PC3200)
Type: 184 Pin DDR SDRAM
Error Checking: Non-ECC
Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
Cas Latency: 3-3-3
Support Voltage: 2.6V
Bandwidth: 3.2GB/s
Organization: 64M x 64 -Bit
Warranty: Lifetime

Model#: KVR400X64C3A/512

10-29-04, 11:05 AM
Manually set your timings to 3-3-3. Make sure your tRAS is set to at least 6. Set vDIMM to 2.6v. If it still freaks out then I just about betcha that stick of RAM has a problem.

10-29-04, 11:08 AM
That's definitely your memory. Get it RMA'd or grab a different stick, and go with Corsair Value Select - best low-priced RAM you can buy, IMO.

10-29-04, 11:09 AM
I know the Kingston HyperX is terrible with the A64s.....maybe there's trouble with the rest of the line.
Have you tried to run "memtest"?

10-29-04, 11:11 AM
Yeah he did and it failed. I've seen problems before w/modules set to SPD instead of manual so I think he should just take the time to set the timings and then give it another one through w/memtest. If it fails well then we know for certain it's gotta be that stick.

Kingston doesn't seem real popular w/the A64.

10-29-04, 11:18 AM
I'm on the phone with kingston right now, and they are giving me an RMA. Should I be worried about replacing my ram with another kingston?

Cool thing is they will ship the ram first, and i can ship them the bad ram within a week.


10-29-04, 11:36 AM
I would really start worrying if the replacement stick still won't work right. ;)

10-29-04, 11:38 AM
Ok so I would like to change the SPD settings, while I wait for the new ram to come.

What exactly do i change?

Here is a screenshot of my bios.




10-29-04, 11:41 AM
It looks like SPD is setting the proper timings so it's prolly a waste of time then. Just see what happens when you get the replacement stick.

10-29-04, 11:42 AM
Thats not my actual settings (sorry about that). Thats a screenshot of my manual.

My timing are Cas 3.


10-29-04, 11:46 AM

Could these failure at all be related to the memory on my BFG 6800 OC? Maybe its a placebo effect but if I turn off fastwrites it seems like I can stop the BSODs.

Are fastwrites even worth keeping on for the extra fps?



10-29-04, 12:27 PM
*EDIT* - that page your manual shows? Go into your BIOS, get into that same spot and take it off SPD. Set it to manual. Then set CAS latency to 3.0, RAS to CAS delay and Precharge to 3.0 as well. Save and see what happens.

If it still freaks out it's definitely that stick of RAM. I highly doubt your 6800 has anything to do with the problem.

10-29-04, 12:31 PM
actually my ram is 3-3-3-3

that page is showing settings for cas 2.5


10-29-04, 12:32 PM
I know the Kingston HyperX is terrible with the A64s.....maybe there's trouble with the rest of the line.
Have you tried to run "memtest"?

I've got 2x512 MB Kingston HyperX DDR433 and have had no problems whatsoever with my 3500+. Runs like a dream. His problem does sound like a bad stick of RAM though.

10-29-04, 12:33 PM
actually my ram is 3-3-3-3

that page is showing settings for cas 2.5

tRAS, the last value there, should be set to 6 or higher IMO.

I honestly think you're beating a dead horse here though, that memory is almost certainly the source of the problem and is defective. Memtest usually doesn't lie. ;)

10-29-04, 12:47 PM
Why is RAS to CAS delay listed twice?

!! never mind :( its ras to ras :( i misread :)



10-29-04, 01:04 PM
Either way, if memtest is failing it's your RAM. Bad sticks of RAM aren't uncommon at all - I'm actually in the RMA process for a couple myself, and I've had several bad ones in the past. Don't worry about it, especially if they're cross-shipping you the replacement. You should just be able to pop your new stick in and be ready to go, but if not, try a different brand. The Athlon 64 memory controller is very picky, it seems.

10-30-04, 08:41 PM
Case temps are 26 and CPU is 42

I replaced my power supply today with a 500watt powersupply. I am still getting BSOD's during extreme memory usage.

Star wars galaxies takes up a ton of memory so I use that to test.

I receive the following BSOD



Its gotta be my memory.. Don't you think?


10-30-04, 08:53 PM
Could this be an IRQ Conflict? How would I resolve that?

Does anything look wrong?


Here is a post of my Conflicts/Sharing:

I/O Port 0x00000000-0x00000CF7 PCI bus
I/O Port 0x00000000-0x00000CF7 Direct memory access controller

I/O Port 0x000003C0-0x000003DF VIA CPU to AGP2.0/AGP3.0 Controller
I/O Port 0x000003C0-0x000003DF NVIDIA GeForce 6800

IRQ 21 VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller
IRQ 21 VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller
IRQ 21 VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller
IRQ 21 VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller
IRQ 21 Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller

Memory Address 0xE8000000-0xEAFFFFFF VIA CPU to AGP2.0/AGP3.0 Controller
Memory Address 0xE8000000-0xEAFFFFFF NVIDIA GeForce 6800

Memory Address 0xE0000000-0xE7FFFFFF VIA CPU to AGP2.0/AGP3.0 Controller
Memory Address 0xE0000000-0xE7FFFFFF NVIDIA GeForce 6800

Memory Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF PCI bus
Memory Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF VIA CPU to AGP2.0/AGP3.0 Controller
Memory Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF NVIDIA GeForce 6800

I/O Port 0x000003B0-0x000003BB VIA CPU to AGP2.0/AGP3.0 Controller
I/O Port 0x000003B0-0x000003BB NVIDIA GeForce 6800