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10-30-04, 12:41 AM
Hey guys...
I just bought myself 2 brand new 256 mb ddr 400..
I installed them next to my old 2x256 mb ddr 400 ramz...
And now i am getting "SPD data is missing or inconclusive....taking the most relaxed timings..." and i go check in my bios to see that my 4x256 rams are running in dual channel but in pc 320 mode!! and next to each of my 256 mb there is a star. more explicatly: 256 mb (400mhz) * is whats showin in the bios.

What shall i do to make them run at their optimal speed which is 400 mhz instead of 320!!

My pc is an intel 3.0 c
mobo is 865gbf
and 4x256 mb pc3200

Tangg uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu guyssss

10-30-04, 12:45 AM
Filling up all memory banks on a motherboard is a bad idea that becomes even worse when you mix and match different brands and speeds. You should have purchased a 2x512 mb kit and have been done with it.

10-30-04, 01:45 AM
You'r right mannn...
For next purchase i will take by your advice :)
But now what shall i dooooooooooooooooooo (mag)