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11-01-04, 12:24 PM
Hi, All:

My first post. I'm having a weird problem with Painkiller (v1.35). If I set multisampling in-game to 2x or 4x, it works fine (looks great) until I exit. If I re-start the game, the menus and game itself are totally corrupted - bright colorful dots everywhere. And it's not just Painkiller - if I start another DX game at this point (like UT2003), it too is corrupted. To fix the problem, I have to navigate the corrupted menus in Painkiller and set multisampling to none, and then reboot.

The same behaviour with Painkiller happens if I set AA to 2x or 4x in the driver control panel. I know AA works just fine with UT2003 (using driver control panel) and Doom3 (using in-game settings). So I know it's Painkiller that causes the problem.

It's happening with both 61.77 and 66.81 ForceWare. I'm running Asus V9999 (6800GT, 128MB), WinXP w/SP2 and DX 9.0c.

Any ideas?

11-01-04, 05:44 PM
Try 70.41 :)