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Gary Grannes
11-02-04, 08:55 AM
After reading many of the posts I am confused as to what driver is optimal for my card. I have a TI4800 card. I use W98 and W2K should I be using the latest drivers or should I be using an older one? Has anyone done any research on this card to find the very best driver for it?

Any help would be appreciated.


Buck Armstrong
11-02-04, 09:19 AM
All I can tell you is that the latest drivers [60s] didnt work too well on my Ti4600.

They produced a strange moire pattern when using AA with older games, the screen went black momentarily when right-clicking the Nvidia Media Center thing in the system tray, etc. I was also not able to overclock as high as with the previous sets.

Whether or not they had any performance increase I never tested, but I seriously doubt it as the card was 2 generations old and the new drivers were being written for FXs and 6800s.

But try them yourself if you're interested; your experience may be different than mine.

Dodga UK
11-02-04, 09:26 AM
As far as I know, nvidia stops producing driver tweaks for cards when the next generation of card is released unless major flaws or bugs remain with the older card. (In the FX5's case the whole card was a bug!)

If this follows then your card would have stopped having code specifically written for it by about version 49.xx so any of the latest drivers will be just as good as drivers of that revision. More options within the drivers may be open to you with latter revisions but that's it.

Of course I may be wrong and this maybe utter (kngt)

Buck Armstrong
11-02-04, 10:21 AM
No, I think you're right, except that many of the newer driver options will not function or even appear in the driver CP (like GPU temps) with a Ti4800.

So I'd recommend he compares the 40s to the 50s and goes with the best of the two (probably the last set of 40s, whatever version they were).

11-03-04, 09:38 AM
I'd second that last one ....

But I miss my ti 4600, I loved that card!