View Full Version : So Who Has Played Mafia?

11-13-02, 11:55 AM
I'm surprised to not see any threads on Mafia.

I hope you guys aren't overlooking this game. It's a keeper.

I was very impressed with the graphics and the storyline. Seems this game was made in Europe, judging by the names on the credits. Those guys are on the ball.

It's pretty demanding on the system and not suprising by the size of the levels. It tested my system good, I played it at 1024x768x32 with full max settings and 2X FSAA.

I haven't played GTA3 (PC) so I can't compare it there, but it would be very hard to beat. IMHO, this is a good candidate for game of the year.

Any comments?

11-13-02, 12:10 PM
I haven't played it much yet, but I really like it. PC GOTY? You could definitely make a case for it. It's too bad it was never really hyped up.

11-13-02, 12:18 PM
While I've heard a ton of good things about Mafia, I predict UT2003 is going to win GOTY. That's a shame, too because from what I've read Mafia deserves it.

11-13-02, 12:46 PM
I think GOTY mostly goes to the games with the best multiplayer content since it seems most games players are multiplayers.

Personally, I'm not one of them. I am a strictly single player guy, just have no use for multiplayer.

Mafia just impresses me the more I play it. So many little things in this game that shows a lot of time was spent on getting the result of what was intended.

I spent a lot of time in this game thinking things like "wow", "that's really cool", "what a nice touch", "these guys are together in making this game", etc. Just coming away tripping on how these guys made this game.

Oh have I mentioned that this is a very good game? :)

One thing I will mention. For some reason this game and NOLF 2 does not like the 40. series drivers (I have tried them all) on my system. Big time stuttering in both games. Switch back to 30.82s and both games run much much smoother. Dunno what's the deal there but I'll stay with the 30.82s for now.

11-13-02, 02:20 PM
I really doubt UT2003 will win anything. I think most people have recognized it as an entertaining rehash, nothing more. Mafia will probably pick up a few GOTY awards, as will Neverwinter Nights, even though I thought that was a terrible game.

11-13-02, 03:05 PM
i played the demo but i cant get past the bit where you have to get out of the parking lot :(

11-13-02, 06:00 PM
i completed MAFIA about a month ago..it was great,very unique style,alittle driving ,shooting and cut scene 's..it was like watching a movie and playing in it at the same time. very good story line although the ending should have been different. as far as game of the year, it deservers some credits, but i believe MOHAA deservers it more ,basically because it had great single player missions with good background sounds, easy playability,awesome graphics..etc..etc,and also multiplayer for mohaa is very highly played. just log in to gamespy arcade and look at the amount of servers running for it. and now they release and add on pack(spearhead) which brings new life to a game that is far from dieing..yes there are a few bugs with spearhead demo but im sure it will all be worked out. if you never played original mohaa i suggest it highly. since mohaa was relased in march 2002, it is a candidate for GOTY, some people must have forgot how exciting it was the first time they landed on "omaha beach"