View Full Version : help!! How to update Leadtek 6800 128mb bios

11-02-04, 03:49 PM
Hey guys!

I am new to the forums and the 6800 card. I just got it yesterday and I got everything running upto date. I updated winfox 2.0 and video cards drivers.

I also noticed there is a new version of bios out on Leadtek's site which i would like to update to. I downloaded the zip file which contained 2 folders 2992 and 2992_NTSC. I tired to update the bios through the winfox 2 bios utility but the "flash bios" button is greyed out. and I dont see any where else i can update it from. Can someone tell me how i am exactly suppose to do this?


mj chivers
11-02-04, 06:41 PM
I'm not at my computer at the moment but I'll give it a try... i did this last night

In the bios update utility of WinFox 2

1. Click on the "Read Card Bios" tab and click the button at the bottom of the page (can't remember what is says).

2. Click the tab "Read bios from file" tab and click the "Read" button

3. A file dialog box will appear, specify the bios file and click OK.

4. Click the "Write bios tab" and flash bios should be active if everything is OK.

If i'm not mistaken the NTSC bios is the old one.
Use the read bios tab to check the dates and details of the BIOS files.
Good luck.

- Mark

11-02-04, 08:43 PM
Thanks mark,

thats exactly what I have been doing and it the "flash bios" button has still be greyed out. So i am not sure what to do. I called Leadtek tech support and the guy that called me back told me to use the NTSC but you are right the date on it is older.

Well i tried a trick i read here in one of the forums while diging around about the left clicking right clicking on the "flash bios" button until it becomes active and then flash it. It worked but i flashed it with the NTSC bios and when I rebooted my computer my drivers were gone and i had to reinstall them and the bios version was the same. It was really werid...seemed like something went wrong and winfox reverted back to the old bios.

You think i should try it with the other new version? I just got this card so i am kinda scared of F'in it up but I am not a newbie to computers so its not a big deal. I was just wondering if its really worth it though and if i should really do it?

11-03-04, 10:40 AM
Figured it out! flashed the bios with 2992 bios. Not sure if there is a difference but now its up to the latest bios version. I read some where its suppose to be more stable for overclocking etc...thanks for the help Mark!

11-15-04, 03:59 PM
I think I have the same problem here. I have Leadtek Winfast A400 TDH and I downloaded the latest PAL version of the BIOS. But Winfox will also not let me update. Flash button is always disabled.
I also tried with the DOS flash utility and it was also not possible to update. But at least it told me why it can't update. It looks like the BIOS on my videocard has subproduct ID set to 2992 and this is also in the name of the archive with the BIOS update. But the new BIOS rom file in the archive has subproduct set to 2993. Because these two numbers are different the flas utility refuses to update.
So it looks like Leadtek did a mistake in their BIOS update file and should set the subproduct ID to correct value: 2992.
Is there any way to get the correct BIOS update or is there a way to somehow edit the ROM file and change 2993 to 2992?

11-19-04, 04:36 AM
I just tried the left and right clicking on the Flash button and it did enable after some clicks. I flashed the BIOS with the latest version and after reboot Windows XP did detect a new hardware device and automatically installed the drivers that were already installed before the BIOS update. I then just restarted Windows again and that was it. I checked the BIOS version and it was updated. Also now I don't have to do the left-right clicking as the Flash button is automatically enabled. I wonder what Leadtek has to say about this.