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11-03-04, 02:36 AM
Firstly, I apologise for my naivity. It's a good two years since I've used an nVidia card in a main PC (I bought meself a 9700Pro, bumping my 4200 down to my old man's machine, where it currently resides, shunted along by some two year old Dets), so my knowledge of the intricacies of nVidia drivers is non-existant.

I digress.

Three questions, then. I've got myself a new laptop, quite a pleasant little thing, with a 420go graphics card, and an XP2800. The laptop is, depressingly, primarily a work machine, so battery life takes priority over performance. With Powermizer, there's a clever function that allows me to select one of three clock speed settings, depending on whether the laptop's plugged in or not. When it's plugged in, I have it set to full and while running on batteries, I have it at minimum.

So, first question is, is it possible to customize the speeds the card applies to each slider setting? Ideally, what I'd like would be to lower the minimum clock speeds by a good 30MHz, and set the high clock speeds to overclock to something higher than the normal 180MHz.

Second question is similar. With PowerNow, clock speeds depend on what the machine things are best to run at. I have no control panel tabs anywhere with which to customize any of this, and again, what I'd like would be to underclock from normal minimum speed while I'm on the road (something that wouldn't really affect performance anyway), and overclock while plugged in. Are there any 3rd party tweaking apps that can allow for this, or any reg settings that can be fiddled with?

Final question is, I am stuck with a rather aged set of drivers of the 420, because the only ones I can get to work are the ones that come on the laptop driver disc. The official nVidia drivers available on the website won't install properly (reading through the supported hardware listings, they don't even list my IGP), and the latest Omegas, while they do install and function properly, cause my TFT screen to corrupt moments after bootup, making the display completely useless. A CRT plugged in will function correctly, so it seems more like an output issue than an IGP hardware incompatibility.

The corruption starts as soon as nvCPL is loaded. Bump nvCPL off the starup list, and things will be fine until a 3D app or the nvControl Panel is loaded, at which point whatever broken settings nvCPL brings up get initiated, rendering the TFT output a corrupt useless mess. How might I fix that one?

I thank you for your time, and apologise again for my n00bness. Still, at least I didn't write the post in full caps and with a dozen exclamation marks at the end of it, eh?


11-03-04, 11:30 AM
Look at the link in my signature for complete laptop video driver salvation.
Everything you need drivers/modded INFs/instructions etc etc.

You can use the overclocking page to underclock your GPU to around 30Mhz.
You will need my modded INF or Rewt's Coolbits 2 or 3D to enable this.