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11-03-04, 11:09 AM
Hello all
I am trying to get my new ram to work in my system at home. I recently purchaged one gig of hyperX pc4000 ram from my work, yet i can not seem to get the ram to work. I am currently running a msi board, neo2 865PE, with a p4 3.2c CPU.

My problem is here:
Everytime i try to adjust my bios settings to get the ram up to speed, my system refuses to boot up, and after several minutes, its boots p but ates that memory timings were to tight. No matter what i try to do, i can noit seem to get the ram to run at 500mhz.

Steps i tryied to get ram to work:
1) Upped the FSB to 250
2) Upped the voltage for ram to 2.65-2.80
3) lowered the AGP/CPU ratio closest to 66.67/38.98 as possible.
4) tried setting the dram frequency to different settings other than auto.
5) turned off spread spect.
6) Turn off/on: SPD(sp?) for memory timings
- BTW, memory timings are set to 3-4-4-8
7) ran memtest86 to test ram : all systems go here

I am at a lost here, when i try to use my older pc 2700 ram, i have no trouble with boosting the FSB and overclocking the system, yet once the kingston ram goes in, i can not seem to run it at anything other than 200x4.

Any help would be glady appreciated.

Thanks in advance

11-03-04, 03:17 PM
Some ram will not work with some boards.
This might be the case here.
I do know the 865 and 875 boards are
very picky about what ram is used in it.
Have you checked your mobo makers site
and kingstons site to see if they will work?

11-03-04, 04:26 PM
HyperX is garbage. Switch to Corsair, Crucial Ballistix, PMI or OCZ and all your problems should go away.