View Full Version : Even the poor need computers

11-03-04, 05:48 PM
Finally got off the welfare social assistance cheques in the spring and found a menial job during the summer. After getting some cash, I've decided to budget for a computer instead of trudging to the library everyday to use the computers for browsing.

I got Windows XP PRO :rolleyes:, a stick of generic 512 mb PC3200 ram, a 40 gb IDE 2mb cache Maxtor HD, a 32x cd-rom, a slightly rusty ATX case with a 300W power supply and 1.44" disk drive I found discarded in an alley, and a burned-in 17" Samsung monitor.

So all I need is to buy a sempron or celeron D and a motherboard with built-in sound, video, and lan. Not for gaming of course.

11-03-04, 06:13 PM
Nehh, what you NEED to do is get a used Epox 8RDA+ or a good used Asus or Abit nforce2 mobo for ~$40-50... get ahold of a tbredB 1700+ for ~$25, a kingwin copper HSF from newegg for ~$17, and last but not least, grab at least a Geforce3 for $30-$40, a GF4 ti4200 for $50-60, an FX5600 for $65-70, a 5600U for $75-80, a 5700NU for $80-90, or a 5700U or 9600Pro for around the $100 mark...

the 1700 with the nforce2 mobo with PC3200 ram should get at least 2ghz if not quite a bit more, depending on your ram's compatibility, and the hardiness of your PSU...