View Full Version : Can I overclock my new 3.4Eghz Prescott cpu?

11-03-04, 09:30 PM
I have always messed around with o/c' ing video cards but until now I havent had a pc that would allow me to overclock. I dont want to go crazy but IF its easy to do, I figure why not.

just got my new pc today. The motherboard is a Foxconn 865a01 and it has a utlity called "Superstep" which is used for changing the cpu frequency. It has a fan page, voltage, temperature and clock page. My question is how do I go about trying to overclock this cpu a bit? The clock page has a box called frequency settings and this has two settings below it, one is "adjust cpu ratio" and the other is "adjust cpu fsb". Can I just change the fsb setting, I believe its 400mhz now??? What would I set it to and what else do I have to mess with? Like I said, I dont want to go overboard, just want to play with it a little if I can, well because I guess I finally can?/? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Oh I may not have any posts but I have been coming to these forums for ages, just never felt compelled to post until now...

Old setup
512 ram
Geforce 3....hahahahahaha

New setup
1024 ram

11-03-04, 09:54 PM
Nice upgrade. :)

I think the multiplier is locked on the Prescott so you'll not have to bother with tweaking that. Make sure and engage your agp/pci lock if the board has one and then just start increasing your FSB. Keep an eye on temps as you go.

BTW, memtest86 is a good utility to test with. As is SuperPi.

Bill The Cat
11-03-04, 11:12 PM
Don't forget to put a speed ratio (3:2, 5:4, &tc.) on your memory as well, if needed. As riptide said, first lock your AGP and then start upping your FSB (In 5 mhz increments or so) until it locks up or becomes unstable. Then start experimenting with memory ratios and/or decreasing the FSB. That's how I do it, typically.

Also remember that Computer speed = FSB x Multiplier. Eg. For my P4 2.4 Northwood. It's got a 200 FSB and a 12x multiplier (Which can't be changed), so 200x12=2400 or 2.4 Ghz.

As for overclocking the memory, check what speed it's rated at (PC3200, or also known as DDR400 is rated at an effective 400 mhz). When you increase the FSB you also increase the memory. So a 250fsb would give an effective memory of DDR500 (Pretty high). Note that all 800mhz FSB CPU's come stock at a FSB of 200 mhz (You take the memory speed and double it for an effective speed). If your memory can't run at such high FSB's, that's what the ratio is for. E.G. a 250 FSB with a 5:4 memory ratio will result in memory that is running at 200 mhz.

I typed this quickly, so if parts don't make sense, ask for clarification. Good luck!