View Full Version : few questions on tuning the Leadtek 6800 NU with RivaTuner

11-04-04, 11:11 AM
Hey guys,

Needed some advice and your thoughts on exactly what I should adjust or tune to get everything working perfectly. I am using RivaTuner BTW.

PC specs:
cpu: 2.4 mhz
mem: 1 gig 2700
mobo: GA-8IEXP v1.2

I have a leadtek 6800 128meg NU with 16pipes and 6 shaders unclocked.
I am also currently overclocking at 340/801 2D and 380/801 3D.
In the 66.81 Forcedrivers i have AA/AF set to application control.
Also update AGP mem in bios to 256.

My question are:

1) Should I make any tweeks to the AA/AF or OPENGL settings in RivaTuner?

2) In the mermaid demo I am seeing a glowing effect which is only noticable on the mermaid's hair. its almost white at points because its too bright/glowing and i dont see the fine details of the hairs like in some of the images posted. What should i adjust to fix that?

3) In rivatuner when i increase the mem clock speed in 3D it also increases it in 2D. It bascially seems to keep it in sync. Is this normal or should i be able to keep 2D 325/700 and only change 3D?

11-04-04, 02:51 PM
You didn't need to create a second thread for this. One would have sufficed.