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11-04-04, 12:09 PM
Hey guys,

Needed some advice and your thoughts on exactly what I should adjust or tune to get everything working perfectly. I am using RivaTuner BTW.

PC specs:
cpu: 2.4 mhz
mem: 1 gig 2700
mobo: GA-8IEXP v1.2

I have a leadtek 6800 128meg NU with 16pipes and 6 shaders unclocked.
I am also currently overclocking at 340/801 2D and 380/801 3D.
In the 66.81 Forcedrivers i have AA/AF set to application control.
Also update AGP mem in bios to 256.

My question are:

1) Should I make any tweeks to the AA/AF or OPENGL settings in RivaTuner?

2) In the mermaid demo I am seeing a glowing effect which is only noticable on the mermaid's hair. its almost white at points because its too bright/glowing and i dont see the fine details of the hairs like in some of the images posted. What should i adjust to fix that?

3) In rivatuner when i increase the mem clock speed in 3D it also increases it in 2D. It bascially seems to keep it in sync. Is this normal or should i be able to keep 2D 325/700 and only change 3D?

11-04-04, 02:41 PM
Firstly, in the Nalu (mermaid) demo, you can control the brightness, gamma, transmittance..etcetc via sliders. press F1-F4 in demo.

In Riva tuner you can only set the type of AA (i.e 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 2X, qunicunx, 4X9t, 4Xrgms, 4Xs, 6Xs, 8X, 8Xs and 16X. I suggest 2x or 4Xrgms (the normal 4x). Best IQ to performance ratio for me.

For AF there isnt anything you can control that isnt in the CP.

And yes, your mem clocks are 2d/3d synced.

Btw if you are done testing nalu's hair color/brightness...etc,
another thing you can do is play around with hair length, hair density etc...
Kinda funny. I gave her an afro once.

Basically go to your bin directory in Nalu folder, the go to hair_params. Make sure you uncheck the read-only in properties. The thing you wanna fiddle around with is the hair growth params. Make note of the originals first tho.
These are my tweaked values. Gives her medium length, dense hair.
// Hair Growth Params
Numinterp = 12; // # of hairs per unit area
NumSegmentPerBasicBezier= 3; // # of straight lines per hair
Basicbezierdivide = 5; // # of time each basic bezier is divided
FirstLenght = 15; // length of the 1st segment
FirstLenghtRand = 0.5; // 50% fluctuation
GrowthPct = 0.9; // 90% growth for each succesive segments (relative to the previous one)
GrowthPctRand = 0.5; // 50% fluctuation allowed from hair to hair

11-04-04, 03:40 PM
hahha..cool deal! thanks man! I'll definately give her a afro or maybe make her go bald. ;)