View Full Version : Triple Buffering: 6800 = no?

11-04-04, 10:17 PM
it's a drag.

I've not found a way to enable triple buffering in OpenGL.

Tried nvhardpage tweaker w/ 61.77 drivers - no good.

Has anyone had any luck enabling triple buffering on 6800GT?

bonus point question: does this work on the x800 series?

extra bonus point question: are future Direct X games going to be enabling this?


11-04-04, 10:20 PM
Triple buffering is only available in games that specifically support it on NVIDIA cards. The ATI Catalyst drivers offer a user-selectable triple buffering option for OpenGL only. As far as D3D goes, it's up to the game developer whether or not they want it enabled or to give the user control over it.

11-04-04, 10:24 PM
that's too bad. Since Nvidia has better performing OpenGL drivers usually, it seems that they would at least offer triple buffering on OpenGL.

Be nice to have it for both Direct X & Open GL.

I assume this problem occurs with LCD displays as well, because of 60hz thing?