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11-13-02, 08:42 PM
Well, looks like MW4 Mercenaries won't work at any resolution except 640x480x16 (ahhh!). Everything else has choppy sound, and no video.

Am using the 6193 drivers. Anyone else have a problem with Mercenaries, or know of a fix?

11-14-02, 03:10 AM
It defaults to 800x600x32 for me, but blue screens/hangs if I change it to anything else.

Never seen a problem like this before....

Screw it, life is too short. It's going back tomorrow. Bah.

P4 2.4@2.7ghz
512MB rambus
Asus P4T-E
Geforce4 TI4600 40.72
Creative SB Audigy Gamer
Windows 98 SE

11-15-02, 07:47 PM
Damn, I know what's causing my problems...

I replaced my Sblive with an Audigy last year. At that same time, I was already having a problem re-installing Mechwarrior Vengence because of a scratched second disk. After installing the Audigy, I tried MWV again. I got a BSOD and said screw it, no more MWV (thinking it was the disk problem again).

Well...the error I got with Mercs was a BSOD with EMU10KX.VXD.

I managed to get MWV installed again...and get the same exact error. For some reason, these two Mechwarrior games have a problem on my system with the Audigy. If I turn the sound to low quality, it will sometimes work and the game will run.

Oh well...

11-16-02, 08:16 AM
Actually, it had nothing to do with my Audigy. It wasn't working because I didn't have the W Buffer Enabled in my Rage3D tweak.

11-16-02, 08:55 AM
hey Raptorman, youre playing games on an LCD?
Hows do games look and do ghosting and blurryness really suck that much?