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11-05-04, 01:25 PM
Well I got myself a 3 meter S video extension cable today so that id be able to hook up my pc to my tv and when I hit Detect Displays under the nVidia display options it picks up the TV I then select clone mode and the image on the moitor is now on the monitor and TV except that the image on the TV is in black and white Ive managed to hunt around the net and found a few post that recommend that in driver settings I switch to pal as this should fix the black and white issue, If anyone knows How to do this or any other work arounds Id be very greatfull.

11-21-04, 02:15 PM
I've just experienced the same problem myself with a fresh install of Windows XP Home and using 66.93 on my FX5600. I've experienced the problem to a certain extent using previous drivers, but on Windows load the problem would fix itself (for example, when first entering Windows, the display would be black and white but a couple of screen refreshes later it would fix itself and become colorized).

This is the first time that it's stayed black and white throughout the entire process, but I think I've managed to fix it.

In the NVIDIA control pannel, select TV Settings and then Device Adjustments. The problem (on my setup at least) was with the Saturation slider; it was all the way to the left. Moving it to the right gave me color. Pressing the Restore Defaults button actually placed the saturation slider somewhere on the right side (which surprised me because I thought it would place it all the way to the left as it was when I first entered the control panel) so perhaps something isn't being set correctly when everything is first detected.

So if you're experiencing Black & White problems with an S-Video connection, try upping that Saturation slider and that might fix the problem.

11-21-04, 03:04 PM
I had this problem and I read somewhere that you will always get that on a tv with an SVHS connection from a computer!!

What you need is a SVHS to composite adaptor (one usually comes with the video card), this will fix your problem.

11-21-04, 04:05 PM

You only get b/w image if a) your TV doesnt support s-video or b) the card is outputting an NTSC/60hz signal which the PAL TV doesnt support through s-video.

All TV sets support composite video but PAL TVs do not support 60hz through composite UNLESS the TV specifically supports "NTSC" which entails both 60hz and NTSC color system.

11-21-04, 04:33 PM
Thankyou for correcting me. This happened to me quite a while ago with a 9700 pro on a pal tv and I couldn't find the thread to post which explained it.

I ran it at 50hz with the SVHS to composite adaptor and it fixed the problem which seems to be the problem here.

11-21-04, 06:11 PM
I live in Canada and have an NTSC TV. Furthermore, I've always used an S-Video out to my TV (with no need for the composite adaptor) since 61.67 and it's always worked (TV was detected as NTSC/Canada, refresh rate of 60Hz). It was only when I was forced to do a clean install of Windows (a result of a hard drive failure) and did an install of 66.97 that I got a black and white screen throughout the entire process. I know that if I set output to PAL, not only do I get a black and white screen, I get a rolling picture so it wasn't that.

Anyways, I just thought I'd mention the Saturation settings for any of those who have an NTSC TV and have/will experience the same problem in the future and who stumble across this thread like I did using the search function.

11-21-04, 07:21 PM
The problem is related to regional tv settings, depending on where you live, you either need to set the nvidia properties manager to ntsc or pal, there are also variations of these but there usually marked according to country.