View Full Version : OMG NBA Live 2003!

11-13-02, 10:29 PM

This game is AWESOME!!!

I loved the demo, but the retail version is out of this world!

Expect this game to make my review rotation...the graphics are that good...


11-13-02, 10:45 PM
Bleh, basketball. Hockey's where it's all about. :p :D

11-13-02, 11:00 PM
i wish i had it..the demo sure does rocks.

11-14-02, 01:15 AM
Does the retail version run faster than the demo?

11-14-02, 01:18 AM
i don't have it but i doubt it. ea sports demos tend to be of same performance with final versions.

11-14-02, 07:48 AM
Odd and coincedental, Pelly... On a totally diff. thought train (and without reading your post on this yesterday) I downloaded the demo... and thought the same thing! Great gameplay, top-notch graphics, accurate player models, and FUN.

They've come a long way since Double Dribble.:D
I't the first basketball game I've enjoyed in a long time.


11-14-02, 08:31 AM
The must of slipped by me some how, I will have to grab that one tonight and give it a run. It been while since I've played a good bball game anyways.

11-14-02, 08:55 AM
i love the increase in the ai...the computer actually puts up a good game in superstar.

11-14-02, 05:58 PM
The retail version does seem to run a bit faster...Overall, much more polished...

The graphics are great...even in the 1-on-1 courts ( beach, urban, and gym )

Overall, this is a great sports game...


11-15-02, 12:35 AM
just got the game. its awesome..better than madden 2003 for me.