View Full Version : I can vouch for the Elite Keyboard

11-13-02, 10:14 PM
It really does kick ass. The iTouch software is pretty necessary, though, for all the customization stuff

Which is cool, I like being able to open a menu of websites, or a program, or menu of programs, or any of that, with a press of a button.

Unfortunately, I'm edgy about my lack of RAM right now, so haven't been using it.

NV30 Desirer
11-14-02, 12:15 AM
Sweet! Aren't they?

I tried one and it had a very good feeling to it, feeling of high quality.

11-14-02, 03:09 AM
I had the Internet Navigator before it, and it fried itself after a long while and I didn't want to bother with tech support

so I found this on their webpage, found it elsewhere for $40 and bought it. Very slick looks indeed, and the INav didn't have the F1-F12 customization bit.

I'm about to get the INav replaced through Logitech RMA dealie, because my aunt asked me about it and I figure it'd be a great Christmas present. (Out of warranty just pays a replacement fee instead of normal prices, good by me)