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Charlie Chang
11-06-04, 04:54 PM
Thanks zealot Nvidia fans to help test our software on GeForce 6 graphic cards. Now our new beta of 2005 edition has been available at the URL


A new feature is to watch movie over a 3D model with FX Effects. To achieve real-time it requires highend system performance. That will distinguish your high-end expensive graphic card and system to low-end cheap system.

The performance of the features of GPU can be tested include HLSL FX effects in Shader Model 3.0, Multiple Render Targets (MRT) in Floating points, Frame Rate of Video Rendering. A fast processor such as Pentium4 EE or Athlon 64 FX are also helpful for video codec and shader rendering. Because of the use of MRT, the speed and the size of video frame memory as well as the DDR memory are also important to affect performance.

We expect that the GeFroce 68xx graphics cards can achieve to real-time when render a WMV or AVI video over a cup with the default effect. (Click the Effect and Motion check on and you can test it.) Hope to hear good news from users of GeForce 6 series and SLI.

Thanks for your concern.

Charlie Chang :bash:

Charlie Chang
11-10-04, 10:11 PM
I am wondering to get no reply. So I came to one of our partners to test it. It did not work for 66.28 driver at all! And 61.77 driver show the weird result. We have reported to Nvidia. I belive that we will be on the right side of this picture :bash:

OK. A user has reported that the latest 66.93 will work. I checked NVIDIA's press release, it said that 66.93 start to support DX9.0c. OK, to GeForce users please upgrade to 66.93 and DX9.0c before the testing. If your first time trying is failed you may need to remove all the .dat0, .dat1, .dat2, .dat3 files.

Best regards


11-10-04, 10:31 PM
I dunno, it's really hard to tell with the words "Ne@tware Player DEMO" covering up the entire screen. :lame: And beyond that all I see is rainbow colors...